According to reports in Taiwanese local media, the world's third largest storage chip provider Micron will build two wafer factories in Taichung.

With total investments of TWD400 billion, which is about CNY90.9 billion, the two factories will use the next-generation process technology to make DRAM.

This is reportedly Micron's another large investment in Taiwan, following its investment in an advanced memory back-end test factory in Taichung. It is said that the first factory will complete construction in August 2020 and introduce the latest 1z process for trial production in the fourth quarter of 2020; while the second factory will gradually enlarge production capacity basing on market demand and its planned monthly capacity is 60,000 units.

Micron is the third largest DRAM manufacturer in the world, following Samsung and SK Hynix. At present, the DRAM market is oversupplied and product price continues to decrease; therefore, Samsung and SK Hynix both suspended production capacity expansion.


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