SaaS customer relationship management software provider IngageApp announced that the company gained an additional strategic investment of USD120 million from Tencent and the two parties will enhance their industrial cooperation.

Yang Daosheng, Tencent's senior executive vice president and president of cloud and intelligent industry business group, said that the common gene of IngageApp and Tencent is "connection", which is the reason why Tencent is optimistic about IngageApp.

Shi Yanze, founder and CEO of IngageApp, said that based on Tencent's IaaS ability, IngageApp will launch a customer digital platform to continue to connect the big data ability of Tencent's QQ and WeChat.

IngageApp is an innovative sales management service provider. According to its official introduction, IngageApp is committed to digitizing the end-to-end interaction between businesses and their customers, helping their users improve customer satisfaction and achieve sustainable growth.

IngageApp CRM supports complete business process automation from marketing, sales to service. In addition to process automation, they also leverage social, mobile and IoT technologies to help companies directly connect with external product distributors, service partners, IoT enabled devices and ultimately end consumers, enabling businesses to operate in a customer-centric model.


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