Baidu browser recently published a notice on its official website, stating that Baidu's PC browser formally stopped service.

In May 2019, Baidu PC browser already stopped operation and maintenance. To ensure that users have enough time to change to other browsers, they kept basic functions like web page browsing. However, considering the security risk of using this browser, the company decided to formally terminate the basic web page browsing function and recommend users to switch to other browsers.

The notice has provided a tutorial if users want to export their contents in favorites from Baidu PC browser.

In addition, users can send email to contact them if they have questions about other functions of the browser.

Baidu said in the notice that they are sorry for the inconvenience and appreciate the understanding, support, and long-standing companionship. They are looking forward to the continuous supports of users and their attentions to more quality products of Baidu.


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