China's 36Kr Holdings Inc., 36Kr's media business, previously submitted its prospectus to the U.S. Securities and Exchange Commission, aiming to raise up to USD100 million via initial public offering.

36Kr Holdings did not disclose its issuance amount or price range in the prospectus.

According to 36Kr Holdings' financial statistics for the first half of 2019, the company's total operating revenue was CNY201.9 million, which was about USD29.4 million. Its online advertising service operating revenue was CNY79.5 million, which was about USD11.6 million; its enterprise value-added service operating revenue was CNY101.1 million, which was about USD14.7 million; and its subscription service operating revenue was CNY21.3 million, which was about USD3.1 million.

Meanwhile, the company's operating costs were CNY138.1 million, which was about USD20.1 million; its gross profit was CNY63.8 million, which was USD9.3 million; and its operating expense was CNY113.7 million, which was about USD16.6 million.

In addition, the company's operating losses were CNY49.9 million, which was about USD7.3 million; and its net losses were CNY45.5 million, which was about USD6.6 million.


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