China Electronics System Technology Co., Ltd. recently announced the completion of a strategic investment in EasyStack.

The two parties will implement full cooperation in various sectors and jointly build an enterprise cloud infrastructure to further improve integrated digital base and promote the fast development of China's modern digital city construction.

CESTC's self-developed computer basic software and hardware system integrates mainstream technologies. It combines PC Internet, mobile Internet and Internet of Things and it is China's future mainstream ecological technology system targeting modern digital city and network information system.

With the cooperation, CESTC and EasyStack will provide reliable underlying computing ability to digital city construction; meanwhile, they will combine Internet of Things with self-developed chips to promote the innovation of cloud computing in 5G era.

With the strategic investment in EasyStack, CESTC will be able to further expand and enhance its system application innovation ecology, which will play a positive role in its core technology innovation, cloud computing product development, and output improvement.


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