China Telecom and JD Logistics recently signed a 5G strategic cooperation agreement, under which the two parties will implement research innovation and cooperation focusing on 5G application and development, intelligent logistics, and intelligent traffic.

China Telecom Group's deputy general manager Chen Zhongyue and JD Logistics Group's CEO Wang Zhenhui attended the signing ceremony.

According to the cooperation agreement, China Telecom and JD Logistics will establish joint project teams for 5G, edge computing, cloud dedicated line, and Internet of Things to implement synergistic research in communication network and logistics resource deployment. Meanwhile, they will jointly implement intelligent park planning, design and construction basing on 5G, edge computing, and IoT technologies.

It is said that China Telecom will provide JD Logistics with intelligent warehousing, automated logistics, augmented reality logistics application, and intelligent traffic 5G solutions, so as to create an intelligent logistics demonstration park basing on China Telecom's 5G network.

The two parties said that the cooperation will promote 5G technology exploration in the intelligent logistics sector and promote the transformation of the logistics industry from digital to intelligent development.


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