Chinese open source technology community OSCHINA recently gained a strategic investment from Baidu.

OSCHINA said that they will use the fund to attract more open source technology talents, enhance technological research and development, and upgrade infrastructure. Meanwhile, OSCHINA will improve open source technology promotion and collaboration methods on product and operation levels.

Ma Yue, CEO of OSCHINA, said that OSCHINA will maintain its neutrality and continue independent operation and development. They will maintain and strengthen their commitment to developer freedom, openness, and innovation.

OSCHINA runs a code hosting and collaborative development platform named, which is a leading code hosting platform and developer ecology in China. So far, nearly four million developers have hosted more than six million code repositories on Gitee, including over 300 billion lines of code. Gitee enterprise edition supports the full process from enterprise R&D management to collaboration and it has accumulated more than 100,000 enterprise customers.

With the cooperation, Baidu will introduce its open source deep learning platform into Gitee and its other open source products will be gradually available as well.


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