China Unicom and Volvo recently reached 5G strategic cooperation and the two parties will jointly promote the development of V2X vehicle-road collaboration technology.

China Unicom and Volvo will work together to research, develop, and test application of 5G and emerging V2X technologies in the automobile industry and jointly incubate business operation solutions.

It is said that the two parties will implement various 5G technology application researches in the automobile and infrastructure communication sectors to explore potential in security, sustainable development, customer convenience, and autonomous driving.

Liang Baojun, deputy general manager of China Unicom, said that 5G will fully enable the development of autonomous driving. By building a service system which integrates people, vehicle, road, network and cloud, it will improve driving safety and bring new business experience. They believe that with the complementary advantages of China Unicom and Volvo, they will open a business deployment route that is in line with China's national conditions.

Henrik Green, chief technology officer of Volvo Group, said that Volvo has been committed to realize the potential of car connection to promote new functions and services of intelligent connected cars. 5G technology will significantly improve network performance and realize more critical real-time services, which will help drivers gain more secure, stable and pleasant driving experience. They hope that by cooperating with China Unicom, the company could develop those services for the Chinese market.


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