According to reports in foreign media, Huawei will build a manufacturing base in Europe to make 5G devices that will be sold in the European market.

It is said that the building of the European plant will help Huawei persuade EU countries to abandon their harsh measures against this Chinese telecom company.

China's Huawei is one of the world's leading network technology suppliers and it is also one of the few companies that can provide the next-generation mobile technology. Others include Nokia and Ericsson.

In mid October 2019, Huawei revealed that the company had signed 65 commercial contracts and half of them were from European clients. Huawei's head of 5G business Yang Chaobin said that it showed European customers' trust in Huawei and the company was very grateful.

At present, Huawei has implemented 5G cooperation with many countries, including UK, Monaco, France, Malaysia, Russia, and Cambodia. Monaco became the first European country that realized full 5G network coverage and its network was based on Huawei's technology.


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