Xiaomi recently announced an important personnel change to appoint co-founder Wang Chuan as chief strategy officer of the company.

At the same time, Xiaomi's general manager of TV division Li Xiaoshuang will be general manager of big home appliances business division as well.

With the appointment of the new CSO, Xiaomi will further enhance its strategic planning, making, and implementing abilities and strengthen the market competitiveness of its 5G+AIoT dual engine by improving headquarters brain functions.

To improve headquarters functions, Xiaomi already established a staff division and an organization division. With Wang as the CSO, the company will continue to reinforce its headquarters planning ability.

Wang joined Xiaomi in 2012 and he once led TV division, staff division, China region, and big home appliances division. He participated in the full chain work, including product research and development, production, channel, and sales.


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