Alibaba DAMO, the Academy for Discovery, Adventure, Momentum and Outlook?recently announced to formally establish a XG lab which is committed to promoting the research in next-generation communication technologies.

In the current stage, the XG lab will mainly focus on the collaborative research and development of 5G technologies and applications.

DAMO said that with Alibaba's rich application ecology, the newly established XG lab will focus on the collaborative innovation of 5G infrastructure technologies and applications. It will develop video coding and decoding technology and network transmission protocol that are in line with the 5G era for various scenarios, including ultra HD video, online office, AR/VR, industrial Internet, intelligent logistics, and autonomous driving.

Zhang Ming, DAMO researcher and head of intelligent network automation and research of Aliyun, will be director of the XG lab.

XG lab is the 15th lab of DAMO. Prior to this, DAMO had established speech lab, visual lab, intelligent computing lab, autonomous driving lab, and quantum computing lab.


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