China Mobile Hong Kong announced that the company formally launched 5G service in Hong Kong and provides 5G commercial packages, making it the first carrier to provide 5G network experience to individual and corporate customers in Hong Kong.

To celebrate the 5G commercial launch, China Mobile Hong Kong held a countdown event and invited customer to dial the first 5G commercial call.

It is said that China Mobile Hong Kong's 5G network will cover the entire area of Hong Kong, including hot spots, mainstream infrastructures, and landmark malls. Currently, the company offers 5G packages with subscription fees from HKD338 to HKD638.

In regards to roaming service, it has realized 5G roaming in mainland China and South Korea. By the end of 2020, its roaming service will gradually reach more countries and regions in Asia and Europe.

So far, China Mobile Hong Kong has built and opened 500 5G base stations and its 5G network coverage reached over 90% in main areas.


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