Artificial intelligence company AISpeech recently announced its completion of series E round financing of CNY410 million.

Gao Shixing, chairman and CEO of AISpeech, said that in the future, AISpeech will further enhance its research and development investment in basic technical innovation and core product ability upgrade. The company will continue to improve its rapid scale capability for AI+ intelligent device and AI+ intelligent service.

Meanwhile, depending on intelligent information service robot and intelligent hardware productization ability, AISpeech will accelerate its development in financial and government industry scenarios.

It is said that AISpeech is currently distributing in cloud and chip businesses. With over ten years of basic technology R&D, the company has nearly 1,200 intellectual properties, including 700 patents. AISpeech developed full-chain intelligent speech interaction key technologies by itself, covering acoustic signal processing, speech recognition, speech synthesis, natural language understanding, voiceprint recognition, emotion recognition, knowledge graph, and intelligent interactive decision-making.


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