According to reports in Chinese local media, CSOT plans to build its t5 project in addition to the existing t3 and t4 projects and it will be the company's second flexible OLED product line In Wuhan.

Li Dongsheng, founder and chairman of TCL Group, said that in regards to the next flexible OLED product line, they had entered the planning stage; however, the specific launch time was yet to decide. Li pointed out that the t5 project would have a large production capacity than the t4 project in the future.

Prior to this, CSOT's second phase main plant for high-generation module production in Huizhou was just capped on April 10. With total investments of CNY9.6 billion, the high-generation module project covers a total area of 519,000 square meters and it is divided into two phases. The first phase has maintained stable production operation for nearly two years, with annual capacity of 40 million panels. The second phase is expected to complete construction and realize production in 2021 and its annual capacity will reach 60 million panels.


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