Jumei.com recently announced its completion of privatization and the company was formally delisted from New York Stock Exchange.

Jumei said in a report that the company signed a privatization agreement with its parent company SuperROI Global Holding Limited on February 25, 2020 and the consolidation plan had been completed. As a result, Jumei became a wholly-owned subsidiary of its parent company and would no longer be a public listed company.

Prior to this, Jumei said that the company reached a final privatization agreement with its parent company and buyer company Jumei Investment Holding Limited to acquire ADSs of Jumei for USD20 per ADS. The buyer group recently acquired over 40.34 million class A ordinary shares of Jumei, accounting for 63.7% of the total issued class A ordinary shares of Jumei in circulation.

So far, Jumei has not released any financial statistics for 2019. According to its previous financial reports, Jumei's operating revenue from 2015 to 2018 was CNY7.34 billion, CNY6.28 billion, CNY5.82 billion, and CNY4.29 billion, respectively; and its active user number was 16.1 million, 15.4 million, 15.1 million, and 10.7 million, respectively.


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