IDC recently published its latest report on artificial intelligence infrastructure market.

According to the report, the artificial intelligence infrastructure market scale reached USD2.09 billion in 2019, a year-on-year increase of 58.7%. Of which, GPU server accounted for 96.1% market share. IDC predicted that by 2024, China's GPU server market scale will reach USD6.4 billion.

By manufacturer, Inspur, Huawei and Sugon were the top three manufacturers and they owned a combined market share of 74%.

By industry, the Internet industry was still the main purchaser and it accounted for nearly 50% market share. It was followed by service industry and government, which accounted for 18.4% and 16.9% market share, respectively.

By server configuration, servers with eight accelerator cards were mainstream, accounting for over 40% market share; and 2U servers were still the first choice of end customers, accounting for nearly 80% market share.

By workload, inference servers owned over 40% market share in 2019. IDC predicted that by 2021, inference servers will exceed servers for training and achieve 51.3% market share.


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