Oppo and Vodafone jointly announced that the two parties had signed a cooperation agreement to establish a full cooperation relationship.

With the cooperation, Oppo's full lines of smartphone products will enter Vodafone's European market starting from May 2020 and they will gradually expand to bring better communication experience to more global users.

It is said that Oppo's full lines of products, covering entry-level modes and flagship modes, will enter Vodafone's retail and online channels.

In the initial stage of the cooperation, Oppo smartphones will be available in Vodafone's markets in Germany, UK, Spain, Portugal, Romania, Turkey and the Netherlands. In the future, the two parties will continue to enhance global cooperation and introduce Oppo brand into Vodafone's entire European and global market.

Wu Qiang, Oppo's vice president and global sales director, said that with the help of Vodafone, Oppo's products and technologies will gain new development in the 5G era. The two parties will build a win-win cooperation relationship to jointly create a better future for global users in the 5G era.

Ahmed Essam, Vodafone Group's chief business operation and strategy officer, said that combining Oppo's products and Vodafone's network, they will unlock more 5G potential. They are looking forward to introduce Oppo's products and 5G innovation results into Vodafone's European and global market.


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