Intel and Ant Blockchain recently announced strategic cooperation and completed remote agreement signing.

After joining Ant Blockchain, the hardware leasing supply chain system based on Intel chips will realize overall blockchain. Leasing manufacturers, insurance companies, and capital institutions will be all on the chain and all information in the process of circulation will be true and unchangeable, which will reduce the cost of mutual trust in all links, improve supply efficiency and financing efficiency in the middle and lower reaches of the chip industry chain, drive chip supplier supply, and inject new energy to the traditional chip industry.

Jiang Guofei, vice president of Ant Group and head of Ant Blockchain, said that the cooperation between Intel and Ant Blockchain will bring great imagination. In the digital economy era, only by building a trust system of multi-party cooperation can realize the digital full link circulation of asset value. Ant Blockchain will reconstruct the digital collaboration relationship in the industrial chain to unlock new trust benefit for various industries.


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