Chinese telecom company Huawei recently announced its operating performance for the first half of 2020, stating that its sales increased by 13.1% during the reporting period.

From January to June 2020, Huawei realized sales of CNY454 billion, a year-on-year increase of 13.1%; and its net profit rate was 9.2%.

According to the report, Huawei's carrier business revenue was CNY159.6 billion, its enterprise business revenue was CNY36.3 billion, and its consumer business revenue was CNY255.8 billion.

Huawei said that the world is currently fighting the pandemic and ICT technology not only can play an important role in fighting the virus, but also can drive economic recovery. Huawei is willing to work with carriers and partners in various industries to ensure stable network operation, accelerate digital transformation, help fight COVID-19 and restore economy.

Huawei said facing the complicated external environment, it is even more important for the global industrial chain to achieve open cooperation and mutual trust. Huawei will strive to fulfill its obligations with customers and suppliers no matter what kind of difficulties they encounter. The company will continue to work hard to survive and move forward and contribute to the global digital economy and technology development.


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