China's Wangsu formally launched its first new product for corporate office security – zero trust Enterprise Secure Access and the company will explore the enterprise security market with more complete enterprise security related technologies and products.

Wangsu's zero trust ESA adopts the company's zero trust access framework and it integrates cloud security and enterprise application acceleration technical skills to create more secure and effective office experience for users targeting various office scenarios like remote and mobile office.

Lv Shibiao, vice president of Wangsu, said that the company's ESA new product marked an important milestone for its distribution in the enterprise security sector. So far, Wangsu has further improved and realized its technical layout in a more segmented, higher value-added and more growing enterprise digital market.

Wangsu ESA can improve network performance; meanwhile, it will perform access decisions at the edge based on user identity, so as to realize secure connection and access anytime, anywhere, at any terminal or edge.


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