Dr. Peng recently announced the formal launch of its office Internet of Things comprehensive service platform and cloud office series products developed by enterprise cloud network business division.

It is said that the first released cloud office product services focus on enterprise office scene. By connecting various office devices with the Internet, those services can realize information exchange and communications; ubiquitous link between equipment and equipment and equipment and people; and intelligent identification, tracking, monitoring and management of space equipment.

Its products mainly include smart access control, smart Wi-Fi, smart monitoring, smart printing, smart meeting, e-enterprise propaganda, and DingTalk office + could office.

Cui Hang, president of Dr. Peng Group, said that the launch of the cloud office series products is Dr. Peng's foundation work to build a smart office ecosystem and it is the in-depth promotion of the company's strategy to transform and upgrade from Internet access business to smart cloud network service business. It will accelerate the company's overall business development along with big data business and Internet value-added service business transformation.

According to public files, Dr. Peng has reached over 200,000 enterprise users by far. It has launched cloud office and cloud chain series products and will continue to accelerate its layout in cloud network business market. In the future, the company plans to launch products in fusion cloud, cloud video, cloud education, and cloud medical sectors.


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