Tencent Education formally launched Enterprise WeChat Manager, a private domain traffic operation tool basing on enterprise WeChat, to provide full chain services to education and training institutions.

Enterprise WeChat Manager is currently available on the official website of Tencent Cloud and education and training institutions can get it at the first month trial price of CNY9.9.

It is said that Enterprise WeChat Manager has community functions like marketing, customer operation, SCRM, and conversation archive.

For marketing, it is based on community fission and provides various traffic operation functions, including multi-scene templates, personalized red envelope rules, automatic labeling, and LBS precise positioning, to promote enterprise WeChat customer growth.

For customer operation, it applies different traffic attraction methods covering WeChat advertising, live streaming, small app, and public channel to help companies guide users to enterprise WeChat and establish their private domain customer pool.

For conversation archive, Enterprise WeChat Manager can provide compliant conversation archive and audit internal and external chat content. Users can set sensitive words and security management scope in conversation archive to conveniently implement internal operation management.


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