According to reports in Chinese local media, China Mobile Guangzhou and ZTE jointly announced to build the world's first 5G intelligent big transportation demonstration city.

It is said that China Mobile Guangzhou and ZTE previously launched a project called "Guangzhou 5G Pilot City" in April 2020, aiming to actively promote Guangzhou's 5G network construction and application innovation to achieve a leading position in 5G network, application and ecology.

So far, "Guangzhou 5G Pilot City" has achieved initial results and realized 5G innovative applications in five major transportation industries, covering bullet train, subway, bus, road administration, connected driving. Those achievements include the world's first 5G intelligent high-speed rail application; the world's first intelligent subway with 5G slicing application; the world's first 5G dispatch bus line; the world's leading 5G intelligent networked driving; and the world's first 5G road administration inspection.


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