, Tencent Cloud and Tencent Security jointly announced to establish a security joint lab and they will implement technical exchange and business cooperation in various sectors, including AI secure application, security attack and defense, data labeling, and manual review.

It is said that the security joint lab combines Tencent's technical capabilities in cloud server underlying computing power, content risk identification, and anti-fraud and threat intelligence with Huya's actual accumulation of content risk control, security offense and defense, and live streaming business scenarios to jointly build AI intelligent audit platform and security attack and defense mechanism. Meanwhile, they will expand with the application of AI security capabilities to create a comprehensive security attack and defense and more accurate content review system on Huya's live steaming platform.

Li Wei, vice president of Tencent Security, said that with the continuous extension of the interests of the pan-Internet industry including life services, games, videos, and live broadcasts, content security capabilities have become the key to gaining user loyalty for pan-Internet companies that attach great importance to user experience.

With years of experience in the content ecology construction of the live broadcast industry, Li Meng, senior vice president of Huya, believes that cooperating with companies with strong underlying computing power and mature security technologies will become an effective way for the live broadcast industry to manage and optimize the content ecology.

Based on this idea, Tencent Cloud, Tencent Security, and Huya have integrated the short, medium and long-term security needs of Huya's comprehensive cloud access and diversified development, and will launch innovative research in multiple fields.


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