UnionPay International announced that Huawei and Industrial and Commercial Bank of China Malaysia branch reached cooperation to launch Huawei Pay in Malaysia.

A representative from Huawei revealed that the overseas expansion of Huawei Pay is a normal business expansion, and it is also a measure to serve Huawei mobile phone users and improve user experience.

Huawei Pay is a method of mobile phone payment or quick pass. The NFC function used by mobile phone payment can evoke the payment interface at the moment the mobile phone touches the NFC device. Payment methods like Alipay and WeChat Payment need two to three steps to complete the payment, while mobile phone payment only needs one step. In addition, mobile phone payment supports other functions such as offline payment and quick pass on bus.

However, mobile phone payment is gradually marginalized in the Chinese market. Therefore, some mobile phone payment providers turn their attention to overseas. Huawei's English website shows that Huawei Pay is currently available in seven countries and regions including Russia. Xiaomi's MI Pay was also launched in India in 2019.


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