On July 26, Sina News cited a commentary published by Reference News, a famous Chinese newspaper owned by the CCP’s mouthpiece Xinhua News, saying that Russian media claimed that the US has turned the probe into COVID-19 origins into a worldwide blackmail tool. According to Reference News, on July 21, the website of Russian ‘Imperial City’ TV station posted an article written by Sergey Dmitrievich Stanishev: Mysterious American Castle: Where Did the Virus Leak From?. In the Russian report, it claims that the US is attempting to blame China for the covid pandemic. Thanks to Donald Trump, the US has turned the deadly virus into a blackmail tool, and the current Biden’s administration is following the former one and doing the same thing. Trump called COVID-19 “China Virus”, and demanded Beijing to pay $10 trillion. The former Secretary of State Pompeo claimed that there is a great amount of evidence showing that the virus was made and leaked from the WuHan lab in China. However, since the Democrats took over the White House, they have continued Trump’s policy but in a more sneaky and dangerous way, even though they used to criticize Trump for being oversimple in dealing with global issues. Secretary of State Antony Blinken promised that Biden’s administration is determined to investigate COVID-19’s origins and will hold China accountable. Not only that, the US is now pushing the WHO to accuse China of producing the virus with the purpose of making the whole world angry with China, or trying to frighten Beijing by picturing what is going to happen in order to make China give in to the US on other issues. China is well aware of the intention of the US, and is now fighting back in a clever way by requesting the WHO to investigate Fort Detrick for possible escapes of coronavirus in 2019. Some Chinese media argued that US labs have had all sorts of accidents, of which some might have happened before the outbreak in Wuhan, which is covered up by the US government. Source: ???????????????????