Morino, who will coach the Italian team Roma in the new season, bombarded the popular game “Fortnite” in an interview earlier, saying that players often play the game and it is a “nightmare” for the team leaders. Morino pointed out that “Fortnite” is a nightmare, because players often play this “junk” all night long, and they have a game to play the next day. The footage of Morino’s interview was edited by Rome and posted to the club’s official Twitter account to reflect the concerns of the new coach. “Fortnite”, launched in 2017, is one of the most popular battle royale games in recent years. Many football players play it. It is worth mentioning that the Premier League team Tottenham coached by Morino last season. Its forward player England captain Harry Jane, together with Brazilian star Nima, have all spoke for “Fortnite” and become one of the game’s characters. Like most people, many players love to play games. It is unknown whether Morino, who regards “Fortnite” as a nightmare, will ban players from playing games in the new season. Mewe page: