Menu Search Menu Search Facebook to unleash Ray-Ban smart glasses soon Nearly 130,000 ‘Pokémon GO’ fans petitions against decreasing PokéStop, Gym ranges S. Korean businesses wary of double taxation due to EU, US carbon border taxes Amazon sales growth falls short of analysts' forecast as Bezos exits as CEO ‘Clair de Lune' traveled to space to become the first NFT music to reach orbit Sanofi acquiring Translate Bio to bolster mRNA capabilities Japanese firms collaborate facial recognition-based payment platform ‘The Ascent’ developer to fix ray tracing and DLSS issues on Xbox consoles and Game Pass Starbucks Korea unveils special drinks in collaboration with Mini Foot Locker buys WSS, Atmos for $1.1 billion to expand in Asia-Pacific ‘Fortnite’ adds DC’s Bloodsport and ‘Street Fighter’s’ Cammy and Guile this week ‘Animal Crossing: New Horizons’ datamine sparks hope for Brewster’s return Louis Vuitton is celebrating its founder's 200th birthday with the release of video game with NFTs ‘Apex Legends: Emergence’ patch notes reveal buffs for Fuse, Caustic, and Horizon ‘My DeFi Pet’ NFT game: Playing and earning details to know Horizon Blockchain Games gains an additional $4.5M fund for its ‘Skyweaver’ NFT game Toss offers free transactions amid growing online bank competition Tencent shares plunge 10% after China media calls online gaming 'electronic drugs' Stocks of China’s biggest social media and video game firm Tencent tumbled over 10 percent, wiping almost $60 billion from its market capitalization after state-run Economic Information Daily likened online video games to “electronic drugs.” In an article on Tuesday, the newspaper called for more curbs on the online video game industry while repeatedly citing Tencent’s flagship game, “Honor of Kings.” It said many teenagers were addicted to online video games who play for up to eight hours a day. The Economic Information Daily emphasized that no industry or sport should be allowed to develop in a manner that will destroy a generation. The Chinese government is strengthening rules on online gaming and education to protect children and has sought to limit hours that teenagers can play. It prompted companies including Tencent to implement anti-addiction systems that cap game time. The newspaper, citing legal experts and professors, claimed that current curbs were insufficient in preventing online gaming addiction. It insisted there should be more means to mandatorily increase social responsibility of video game companies. IQ tests: are humans getting smarter? Do people become more religious in times of crisis? How scientists make plant-based foods taste and look more like meat COVID in India: the deep-rooted issues behind the current crisis Robots are coming and the fallout will largely harm marginalized communities Gambling: a sure bet? The global challenges facing young people What’s a capital gain and how is it taxed? Why states didn't go broke from the pandemic Space tourism – 20 years in the making – is finally ready for launch [Kamala Harris to promote Biden-Harris administration's 'America is Back' in upcoming visit to Singapore, Vietnam](/Kamala-Harris-to-promote-Biden-Harris-administrations-America-is-Back-in-upcoming-visit-to-Singapore-Vietnam-1614317) [South China Sea: Germany deploys warship into disputed waters](/South-China-Sea-Germany-deploys-warship-into-disputed-waters-1614308) [Pepsi selling Tropicana, Naked, and others for $3.3 billion](/Pepsi-to-dispose-of-Tropicana-Naked-to-focus-on-zero-calorie-drinks-and-healthy-snacks-1614304) [McDonald’s Singapore to celebrate National Day with new Hainanese Chicken Burger offering](/McDonalds-Singapore-to-launch-Crispy-Hainanese-Chicken-Burger-in-collaboration-with-Ben-Yeo-1614312) [HSBC, ADB, Citi, Prudential are working together to end coal-fired power plants in Asia](/HSBC-ADB-Citi-Prudential-draw-up-a-plan-to-shut-coal-plants-in-Asia-1614287) [Sanofi acquiring Translate Bio to bolster mRNA capabilities](/Sanofi-is-buying-Translate-Bio-to-develop-COVID-19-vaccine-1614293) [Kevin McCarthy faces further backlash from women's rights group over 'joke' of assaulting Nancy Pelosi](/Kevin-McCarthy-faces-further-backlash-from-womens-rights-group-over-joke-of-assaulting-Nancy-Pelosi-1614314) [Capitol insurrection: Testimonies from Capitol police can help build criminal case against ex-POTUS Trump](/Capitol-insurrection-Testimonies-from-Capitol-police-can-help-build-criminal-case-against-ex-POTUS-Trump-1614313) [Tyson Foods now implementing vaccination requirements for workers](/Tyson-Foods-joins-major-companies-in-requiring-vaccinations-for-workers-1614316) [North Korea: South Korean lawmakers say North wants international sanctions eased before restarting talks with US](/North-Korea-South-Korean-lawmakers-say-North-wants-international-sanctions-eased-before-restarting-talks-with-US-1614299) [EconoTimes] Sign up for daily updates for the most important stories unfolding in the global economy.