According to the Nikkei newspaper in Japan, Apple is working with more Chinese suppliers to bring the latest iPhone handset as technical feuds triggered by the trade war with the United States are urging Beijing to strengthen its domestic business. Is being manufactured. Luxshare Precision Industry is set to build up to 3% in the future [iPhone 13](// The series and the two companies acquired last year will supply the latest key components and components [iPhone](// The paper mentioned the device, citing sources familiar with the matter. Lens Tech supplies metal casings, Sunny Optical Tech Group supplies rear camera lenses, and BOE Tech Group also supplies components, the newspaper said on its website. Apple didn’t immediately respond to Reuters’ request for comment. Luxshare wins order against Taiwanese rivals [Foxconn](// When [Pegatron](// , And start building [iPhone 13 Pro](// This month, the paper said. Reuters reported that Foxconn has set up a task force to fend off the growing influence of Chinese electronics maker Luxshare and has investigated that the company is backed by Chinese government agencies. Last month, Apple predicted that revenue growth would slow as a global chip shortage began to affect iPhone production. © Thomson Reuters 2021 Apple said it will work with a Chinese supplier of the iPhone 13 series