The memory manufacturer Macronix’s 6-inch wafer fab is determined to be acquired by Hon Hai for 2.52 billion yuan. The delivery is expected to be completed by the end of the year. It also symbolizes the further alliance and cooperation between the two parties to jointly focus on the third-generation compound semiconductor SiC (silicon carbide) and electric vehicle markets. In addition, Winbond and Nanya Technology, both major memory manufacturers, have also released an optimistic outlook on the market conditions in the second half of the year. On the other hand, China’s official coal industry described the game industry as “spiritual opium”, which has raised concerns about expanded supervision. The following is a recap of this week’s events: Hon Hai scoops 2.52 billion yuan to acquire Macronix’s 6-inch factory to focus on SiC and electric vehicle applications Hon Hai and Macronix, a major memory manufacturer, jointly held a press conference on Thursday (5th). Hon Hai Chairman Liu Yangwei announced that Macronix will acquire Macronix’s 6-inch fab plant and equipment in Zhuke for 2.52 billion yuan. It is expected by the end of the year. Before the completion of the delivery, it will focus on the application of electric vehicles and the third-generation compound semiconductor SiC (Silicon Carbide). Hon Hai said that after the purchase of Macronix’s six-inch factory, in addition to SiC power components, its main products in the future will also be supplemented by silicon wafer products such as MEMS, etc., which are in line with Hon Hai’s development of semiconductors, electric vehicles, digital health and other businesses. Strategic demand, and it is expected to spend billions of yuan to purchase additional equipment. The target is to have a monthly production capacity of 15,000 SiC wafers by 2024, which can supply 30,000 electric vehicle-related components. Macronix pointed out that in the automotive electronics market, it has moved towards the world’s number one, and there will be opportunities for closer cooperation with Hon Hai in the future. Further reading Hon Hai scoops 2.52 billion yuan to acquire Macronix’s 6-inch factory to focus on SiC and electric vehicle applications Monthly production of 15,000 SiC wafers in 2024 can supply 30,000 electric vehicle components Wu Minqiu: There will be more opportunities for cooperation with Hon Hai in the future In July, the revenue of Da Liguang regained its spirit and increased by 13%, and Hon Hai wrote that it was high over the same period. Revenue of listed companies in July has been released. Although Largan, an optical component manufacturer, is still affected by the shortage of mobile phone components, it has entered the peak season of the third quarter. July revenue rebounded slightly to 3.803 billion yuan, an increase of 12.84% per month. In the past four months, Hon Hai’s revenue in July reached 41.815 billion yuan, which continued to hit a single-month high for the same period, with a monthly increase of 4.1% and a year-on-year increase of 3.6%. Best in the same period. The wafer foundry UMC’s revenue in July broke through 18 billion yuan, reaching 18.366 billion yuan, a month-on-month increase of 5.9%, an annual increase of 18.53%; the cumulative revenue in the first seven months was 116.37 billion yuan, an annual increase of 13.92%, continuing to write new rules. The July revenue of Formosa Plastics Sibao was also released. The Sibao totaled 134.2 billion yuan, a monthly increase of 7% and an annual increase of more than 56%. Among them, Nanya’s revenue from the two major businesses of electronic materials and chemical products was simultaneously strong. Increased by 6%, a new high, Formosa Plastics, driven by the rising oil prices and volume, increased its revenue by 18.3% on a month-to-month basis, writing a record high in the past 18 months. China says “spiritual opium” plans to supervise game industry and Taiwan factory operations may be affected After China has introduced new standards for the supplementary education industry and will strengthen its rectification, on Tuesday (3rd) the economic reference newspaper of the Chinese state media Xinhua News Agency used “mental opium” and “electronic drugs” to represent online games, and said it was excessively addicted. Online games will have a dual negative impact on the physiology and psychology of minors, causing the outside world to believe that the Chinese authorities may increase their supervision and control and may slash the game industry. After hearing the news, the share prices of Chinese game giants Tencent and Netease plummeted. Taiwanese companies include Daewoo Capital, Zhiguan, Yujun, etc., and the proportion of Chinese market revenue has also taken off by about 10%. If the Chinese authorities expand the implementation of supervision, Taiwanese factories will operate It is also likely to be dragged down. However, as soon as the news came out, Tencent and Netease also quickly put forward countermeasures. Tencent announced that it would gradually introduce seven new measures including “double reduction, double play, and triple promotion” to all games. The official website and subscription number of the Economic Reference News were also removed from the shelves. Criticizing online game articles. Nanya Branch and Winbond Telecom See Wang Memory Market at the Same Time The market focuses on memory market conditions in the second half of the year. Nanya and Winbond will hold shareholder meetings and law-speaking meetings this week. The business class is optimistic about the positive market conditions in the second half of the year. Among them, Nanya believes that the overall DRAM industry and market prices in the second half of the year It is expected to continue positive development. The first-generation 1A leading product and the second next-generation DDR5 are in trial production, and the first product of the second-generation 1B will also be trial-produced in the near future; the new 12-inch factory will be grounded at the end of the year, and the goal is to be by the end of 2023. Pre-installed. Winbond pointed out that as the benefits of price increases continue to be reflected, gross profit margins will continue to rise in the third quarter. It is optimistic that the memory rise cycle will continue, “no problem in the past two years,” niche DRAM, NOR and SLC NAND Flash products. The supply shortage will continue into next year. World Q3 revenue is expected to write a new record The wafer foundry World Advanced estimates that its revenue in the third quarter will reach 11.5-1119 billion yuan, which is equivalent to a 13-17% quarterly increase. It is expected that new revenue will be established, and the gross profit rate will continue to hit a record high in the past 14 years. At the same time, in response to funding needs, the first tranche of unsecured ordinary corporate bonds will be issued this year. The total amount will not exceed New Taiwan Dollar 5 billion yuan will be used to expand factory facilities and other expenditures. Innolux operates cautiously in the second half of the year and enjoys watching two clouds drifting from the industry “clear sky” The panel manufacturer Innolux held a legal statement on Friday (6th). Looking forward to the second half of the year, Innolux believes that the panel industry will still be sunny, but two clouds will float in the second half of the year, including variant viruses, extreme weather, etc., but it is cautious about operations Looking optimistically, the supply of upstream IC components and glass substrates continues to be tight, helping the industry to maintain a stable supply and demand. Innolux pointed out that upstream ICs, glass substrates and other components continue to be tight. Among them, the glass substrate factory has recently experienced a decline in production yield. It is estimated that the overall glass substrate capacity supply in the second half of the year will be revised down by 15-20% from the original estimate, but it is expected The impact will appear in the fourth quarter, when the new and old products have entered the alternate season, and the industry is off-season, which is expected to bring a stabilizing effect on market supply and demand. Further reading Intended to spend more than 17.2 billion yuan to sign a ten-year supply of Super Vision to enhance the right to speak of large-size panels