Last week, gaming computers in some states of the USA, High energy It was removed from sale for consumption. This precedent decision received a great reaction from many people. China, whose bans we are not surprised at, has made a decision that will affect smartphones. In China, according to the decision high wireless fast chargers will be banned soon. Google announces invention that will challenge physics Google announced that it has made an important invention with the quantum computer called Sycamore. Here are the details.. Wireless chargers of 50W and above will be banned Although 50W charging speed is sufficient for an ordinary user, some smartphone manufacturers want to go far beyond this. It’s not unusual for wired chargers to go above 50W, but when it comes to wireless things get more exciting. For example, the recently announced Xiaomi Mi Mix 4, 70 and 80W It offers wireless charging options. These high-speed values obtained by wireless will be banned in China after October 31st. The reason for the ban is that high-current magnetic charging negatively affects radio waves. 50W fast chargers make many people happy when it comes to speed. will satisfy However, there will be those who are not happy with this decision. This situation from an angle It can also affect users in Turkey. If you buy a charger supplied directly from China, you may be stuck with the 50W limit. For wireless chargers to be exported, the government what kind of policy It’s unknown at this time.