China is working on a robot dog that will be man’s new best buddy. A ROBOTIC DOG that obeys directions and detects risky or suspicious situations has become the latest must-have item among Chinese citizens. AlphaDog is a four-legged android created by Weilan, a tech startup in Nanjing, China, with intentions to have one in every home and office. The high-tech quadruped sees and hears its surroundings with the help of sensors and Artificial Intelligence (AI) technology, and it tries to execute tasks on its own. AlphaDog, like its human counterpart, can stroll, trot, or run until it wants to rest and recover after a long day. AlphaDog is also the fastest robot on the market, with a top speed of over 9 mph (15 km/h). The ability to “bark” and for the owner and bot dog to converse with an inbuilt human voice function will be added in future software releases. Weilan’s latest product may be used to protect people and property, patrol neighborhoods, guide blind people, inspect high-risk areas such as machinery and pipes, and even perform rescues. According to the company’s website, “we are aware that our proposal is ridiculous and absurd by any logical standard,” but “we are going to work incredibly hard to make it happen.” “And from Day One, the work we undertake will serve humanity as well as people’s daily lives.” Robots are already being utilized to carry packages, serve in restaurants, provide information at train stations, and even conduct COVID-19 throat swabs. The RSPCA is urging businesses to allow dogs at work. Dog ownership was outlawed under Mao Zedong, the creator of communist China, but has since exploded in popularity. Despite a relatively costly price tag of 16,000 yuan ($2,400), AlphaDog, which is already on sale in China, sold over 1,800 units in its first month of sales. Merkel’s harsh stance on Huawei has exposed EU fractures. WATCH: A dog dives into a pool to help a ‘drowning’ owner. How to live a longer life: The snack linked to a lower risk of cancer Several different robot dog versions are currently available for purchase, with costs starting at roughly £4,100.