Travel Back to Ancient China in the Beautiful New Game Tales of the Mirror You’ll step into a living painting inspired by classic Chinese art in the new game Tales of the Mirror. Adapted from historical Chinese literature and set during the Ming Dynasty, players will experience a tale of murder and deception while exploring the period’s rich history. The visual style is a highlight of the game as the delicate brush strokes help take you back to the period. The music also takes inspiration from China’s rich opera culture. You’ll need to solve the case in a specified number of days. An ancient mirror will help reveal lies and secrets hidden throughout the beautiful world. You can find clues in dialog and puzzles scattered throughout the world. Just make sure to be careful when playing as each interaction and choice can effect the plot and lead to a host of different endings. Tales of the Mirror is designed for the iPhone and all iPad models. It’s a $2.99 download on the App Store.