There’s one thing we all have to admit when it comes to Sarah Ferguson, the Duchess of York – she sure knows how to get her hustle on. The 61-year-old former wife of Prince Andrew does what it takes to make a living, and has worn a number of hats when it comes to her career, ranging from author to lobbyist to even having a listing on IMDB. That’s right: she is listed as a screenwriter, producer and actress, the latter being for her starring roles in The Vicar of Dibley and none other than the smash hit sitcom Friends . Ferguson’s most recent foray into the world of media is her YouTube channel, on which she hosts a web series called Storytime with Fergie and Friends . In the short shows, the duchess reads children’s stories, often with a heartfelt message or lesson for her young audience. Is Sarah Ferguson’s royal romance novel based on herself? Every so often, however, Fergie gets her hands dirty doing arts and crafts and occasional cooking, often with hilarious results. It often appears as though Fergie presses the record button on the first time she actually tries these crafts – but she certainly rolls with the punches and mishaps, and seems to be having a ball. Here a few of Fergie’s projects that didn’t turn out quite as planned. The Ballerina Rosie ham and cheese sandwich For this project, Ferguson attempts to design a ham and cheese sandwich after the protagonist of one of her children’s books, Ballerina Rosie . From performing an emergency ham leg reattachment and mumbling about her elves (her production assistants), Fergie eventually gives up and concedes that her “Ballerina Rosie” is “very strange”. Fergie’s plucky Greedy Gertie waffles Compared to some of her other attempts, things were going quite well when Fergie attempted to make waffles in the shape of “Greedy Gertie”, the eponymous character in Salma Zaman’s book, until she reached the eyebrows. The duchess then dumped far too many sprinkles on her creation, and announced Gertie needed an eyebrow pluck! 6 British royals who write: which of these titled authors have you read? Beating the bear paws During Africa Week, Fergie attempted to make bear paw cookies (putting aside that there are currently no bears native to Africa). The duchess’ elves apparently neglected to provide her with a rolling pin. Never one to be deterred, Fergie balled her fists and pounded the paws into shape! The science experiment Anyone who has ever trawled the internet knows that, more often than not, the bottle of Coke and roll of Mentos “experiment” rarely goes according to plan. (Dissolving Mentos in Coke causes carbon dioxide bubbles to be produced, and the concoction eventually “erupts” due to the bubble build-up.) And Ferguson learned this while the cameras were rolling. After an aborted, lacklustre “explosion” in the first attempt, the duchess tried to recover in the second take. Who gave Queen Elizabeth her most sentimental jewellery? Flipping pancakes In this episode, Fergie actually goes into the kitchen to cook what she admits is her “first pancake ever”. To be fair, she did manage to flip the pancake over, but the result was a little more omelette than pancake. But nice try.