Tesla will expand its pr and legal groups in China after poor exposure and tighter regulatory control. The electric vehicle corporation will occupy positions in external affairs, whose day-to-day jobs come with government relations, in several locations joining Beijing, Shanghai, Guangzhou and Nanjing, according to an article published on its official website WeChat. The company is also hiring more civil servants in Shanghai, Nanjing, Shenzhen, Xi’an and Shenyang. Having first enjoyed a big welcome in China, particularly for being the only foreign automaker allowed to fully own its local operations, Tesla has suffered a series of setbacks this year. went viral on social media and was followed through a series of injuries and a regulatory review of visitor protection and service issues. Data released last week showed shipments of Tesla-made cars to China in the local market fell 69% in July from June to just 8,621 vehicles. China is Tesla’s second-largest outdoor market in the U. S. U. S. And the key to their expansion plans. The growing presence of the government and media relations in China contrasts with Tesla’s technique in the U. S. USA, where CEO Elon Musk’s prolific tweets are the main channel of communication, with the local PR team largely dissolved. The California-based firm is also strengthening its legal team in China, where it faces a stricter regulatory environment: a knowledge privacy lawyer, an antitrust lawyer, an engineering lawyer and an aftermarket lawyer. Earlier this year, regulators convened Tesla representatives over quality and protection issues. Their cars were also banned from some army complexes, fearing their cameras would gather sensitive information. The government said last week that smart car brands would be required to buy the knowledge generated in the country, the latest step in a broader regulatory crackdown on companies. Send us a letter Do you have an opinion on this story? Click here to receive a letter to the editor and we will publish it in print. Our Mission (877) 812-1584 send us an email BACK to home page> BACK to home page> BACK to home page> BACK to home page> BACK to home page> BACK to home page>