Hangzhou Spark flex support Lee “MCD” Jeong-ho has been released from the roster after making controversial comments online, including swearing at Chengdu Hunters academy main tank Zhou “XRAY” Xiyan . The team announced that MCD’s comments were unacceptable and terminated his contract . [pic.twitter.com/tftI4LX5Wb] — Hangzhou Spark (@Hangzhou_Spark) [August 24, 2021] Comments cost a contract The issue stems from some clips posted on Weibo , involving one of MCD’s streams. In the clip, while playing on King’s Row, he swore very openly, directing it at Chinese players. Towards the end of the clip, he even swore in English , saying a very audible “Chinese, f**k you.” Chinese fans are upset and angered by a clip of MCD (HZS flex support) saying “f*** you, f***ing Chinese” to XRAY (CDH academy team main tank) during a ranked game. — Lionel (@GiantOmelette) [August 24, 2021] Hangzhou Spark responded to this video within a day of it posting. They tweeted, “his action was not consistent with the expectation of the Hangzhou Spark players and staff.” Roster forcibly changes for the play-ins Now, with MCD gone, Hangzhou Spark have another hole to fill as they look to make the season playoffs. MCD was their starting flex support for most of this 2021 season but, luckily, their support depth is deep enough to cover the departure of a player like MCD. He has been swapped out in recent games for teammate Tong “ColdEst” Xiaodong . Now, the Hangzhou Spark must work around the release of MCD just as the play-ins are coming . With their looming match against the Philadelphia Fusion, the must-win scenario to keep the Spark’s season alive now has another hurdle. Fans will have to wait and see whether the coaches and players of the Spark can work around this departure and win when it matters most.