It was announced last week that Arm Technology China had spun out of the control of the previous owner and declared itself a stand-alone company with ambitious plans for the future. Now it became known that Arm China, as an independent company, has begun the production of universal computing units for autonomous control systems. According to reports, Arm China, under a new sub-brand, has organized the production of computing units that combine various types of computing systems, including a neuroprocessor, a processor for ensuring secure computing, as well as image and video accelerators. The result is an interconnected platform that can be used in autonomous vehicles for a variety of tasks. Arm China CEO Allen Wu said that combining different computing processes into one interconnected platform will allow manufacturers to say goodbye to the past when they had to buy different chips from different suppliers before they could use them in their products. In addition, Arm China’s decision to create a unified computing system may be linked to a growing number of custom AI computing solutions that are being built by tech giants like Alibaba or Baidu, which are proving to be more powerful than mainstream solutions. Since its inception in April 2018, Arm China has produced quite a few different products, including a neural processing unit (NPU), a hardware security unit (SPU), an image processing unit (ISP), and a machine vision processor (VPU). The company is also responsible for licensing intellectual property rights for Arm’s developments in China. Prior to independence, Arm owned 49% of Arm China, while 51% was held by a group of Chinese investors led by Hopu Investment. As for the separation of Arm China from the parent company Arm, you can read more about it in our material. In short, the disagreements between the subsidiary and the parent company began long ago. And last week, Allen Wu presented the rebranding of Arm China and talked about plans for the development of a company that is completely independent from Arm. The new firm has a lot of developments both inherited from Arm and created in-house. And the announcement of computing systems for cars is just a product based on existing developments (it is not yet clear whether they are unique or appropriated). If you notice an error, select it with the mouse and press CTRL + ENTER.