Editorial: Gaming / Facebook / [Twitter] / Coverage / Instagram / Discord In a ruling in favor, the Supreme Court of the Republic of China ended up settling a legal dispute in which at least half a million graphics cards that had been used in the generation of digital currencies in cryptocurrency farms had been seized. As reported by the portal TheBlock, the highest legal authority in the Asian country, demanded that Genesis Gaming be returned the sum of 485,681 cards corresponding to the models Radeon RX 470 de 8GB, manufactured by Micro Star International. You can read: Report rise of hundreds of dollars in value of RTX 3080 models due to rebound in price of Cryptocurrencies Among the failures made public, details can be seen that such GPU power would generate an equivalent to 1 million dollars a day gross profit, if this force were to be used in currencies like Ethereum. The legal dispute would have continued at least since 2018, when all the equipment corresponding to the report was seized. Also, it was estimated that half a million graphics cards would be worth at least $ 200 million, an investment no less than would have been confiscated. We remind you that Ruetir.com There is also Instagram and Twitter as @RuetirNews Follow us! (Source) Editorial: Gaming / Facebook / [Twitter] / Coverage / Instagram / Discord fbq('init', '1178021828893715'); fbq('track', 'PageView'); .