Honor is now China’s third-largest smartphone producer. Honor beats Xiaomi and Apple for the first time after it separated from Huawei and become 3rd biggest smartphone maker, the latest report showed as per ChinaDaily . CINNO Research has posted its analysis of the smartphone market in China, and the numbers show one big winner – Honor. The newly independent company climbed to third place in its domestic market with 4 million smartphone sales in July, surpassing Xiaomi (3.9 million) and Apple (3 million). Oppo retained the lead with 5.6 million units sold, while Vivo moved 5.3 million phones. However, the month was relatively unimpressive on a yearly basis. The Asian country saw only 26 new models get launched, a 38.1% decrease, and of those only 11 were 5G enabled. Since separating from Huawei, Honor had once faced severe supply problems, and its market share in the country fell to 3 percent. However, as the supply chain returned to normal, Honor has accelerated its upward momentum in the near term. Speaking about 5G, companies have managed to ship almost 29 million devices, of them nearly 23 million with next-gen capabilities. The overall shipments have increased 28.6%, but more impressively, the 5G market has increased 79.6%. Chinese companies will launch new devices in August to counter the arrival of the new iPhone, expected in September. Cinna Research’s report also showed that last month the smartphone market witnessed stable growth, with overall shipments rising 28.6 percent year-on-year to 28.68 million units. These numbers come after the pandemic speed goes down in many countries. Also Read: – [iPhone 13 series launch date is out, packaging image also Leaked] – [Microsoft’s Surface Duo 2 will reportedly be running on Snapdragon 888…] – [Mi 12 and Redmi K50 revealed by tipster, could possibly feature…] – [Samsung AI Speaker with 12.4 inch OLED screen appeared at IMID…] – [iPhone 13 could support LEO, allowing users to make calls without…]