Anna Mityanina, Ombudsman for Children in St. Petersburg, approved the Chinese version of restrictions on online games for minors. Recall that now in China, children will be able to play online titles for only 3 hours a week. Ombudsman told in instagram : I like this idea. I like it because we are already seeing the harm that these online games bring, from gambling addiction to gambling. I know that such a system exists, when, entering this online game, amounts are lost. Moreover, these amounts are taken from the parents, and this is not always authorized by the parents. Mityanina said that Russia is also considering options for various restrictions for children. For example, so that you cannot use smartphones in class. Mityanina explained: If this is the responsibility of those companies that organize the gaming process, when registering, the child indicates his minor age. And if he cheats? That is, the state is confident that cheating is breaking the law. Now, do we have confidence that with such a prohibition we can ensure control over the implementation of this prohibition? Here I would think about what technologies could be used. The reason why China has imposed such strict restrictions has to do with the fight against gambling addiction. The country believes that it is necessary to resist online games from a very early age, so that upon reaching adulthood, young people do not disappear into virtual reality. With the new restrictions, companies that operate online games in the country are required to introduce additional checks and set limits on an hour per day – from 8 to 9 pm on Friday, Saturday and Sunday. Image by Katie Gerrard