An NBA insider posted a list of Ben Simmons destinations according to Betonline. NBA Twitter lost its marbles seeing a Chinese team in there. The relationship between Ben Simmons and the Sixers front office has been untenable all summer long. All this trouble started when head coach Doc Rivers failed to give Simmons his vote of confidence as a championship point guard. Well, in truth, all this trouble started because Ben Simmons stopped playing assertive offense in the playoffs. He was doing well in his first round series against the Washington Wizards. But they seemed to have found his Achilles heel and squeezed it dry in Game 4 of that series. Simmons was sent to the line several times with extended use of the Hack-a-Ben strategy. Washington stole away a game it had no business winning. While Simmons recovered for a triple-double the next game, his free throw shooting grew progressively worse. After a point in their 2nd round series against the Hawks, Ben simply stopped driving to the rim or taking shots! The breaking point came, as Joel Embiid said, on a play where he was under the hoop with Trae Young guarding him, and he passed up an essentially open dunk to the cutting Matisse Thybulle. Also Read – Been grinding to get back to who I was… It’s gonna be a beautiful thing when I do! Warriors’ Klay Thompson talks about his return during the 2021-22 during his boat Instagram live ; His damning performances have put his value on the open market at an all-time low. And Daryl Morey seems resolute in not budging unless he finds a way to make the team better. NBA Twitter explodes after Betonline lists CBA team among destinations for Ben Simmons Simmons has been speaking through his agent Rich Paul, communicating that he wants out of Philly immediately. He’s reportedly refusing to attend the Sixers’ training camp for the 2021-22 NBA season. As a result, it’s all but certain that he’ll be on a new team before long. Many NBA fans have taken an interest in this particular situation. Some Ben Simmons detractors will even be happy to note that if needed, they can bet on the 2016 #1 pick ending up playing for the Shanghai Sharks! Odds on Ben Simmons’ next team, if he leaves the 76ers, per [@betonline_ag] : Trail Blazers 2/1 Timberwolves 11/4 Kings 5/1 Warriors 7/1 Spurs 8/1 Raptors 10/1 Cavaliers – 12/1 Thunder – 12/1 Clippers 14/1 Lakers 18/1 Shanghai Sharks 20/1 Yes, that last one is on the board. — Keith Smith (@KeithSmithNBA) [September 2, 2021] Also Read – It’s always Championship or Bust! Kyle Lowry reveals his true intentions behind his decisions of joining Jimmy Butler and the Miami Heat ; Till the time Ben starts playing with a Giannis-like mentality, the hate train for the Sixers wing will be heading full steam ahead.