Regarding the illegal sale of tobacco monopoly products by merchants on Taobao, the reporter received a reply from the staff of Hangzhou Tobacco Monopoly Bureau today. The other party said, “What we can do here is to urge Taobao to remove the picture (tobacco products) that these two stores are currently selling. Then make it clear to these two stores that (these) products cannot be sold in It’s sold online.” The staff member also said, “How to impose penalties on these two stores? This rule is set by Taobao.” She said, “Is the store closed, or what penalties will be imposed? You can ask Taobao customer service in a few days.” (Source: The Paper) Article source: The Paper Editor in charge: DF557 Original title: Taobao merchants illegally sell shredded tobacco, Hangzhou Tobacco Monopoly Bureau staff: Urge Taobao to be removed Solemnly declare: The purpose of this information released by Oriental is to spread more information and has nothing to do with this stand. report Scan the QR code to follow Oriental Wealth Official Website WeChat .