Source Title: Beijing Hetu unveiled at the 2021 Service Trade Fair: Creating a new scene in the digital space and opening up new services for the digital economy The 2021 China International Service Trade Fair (referred to as the “Service Trade Fair”) will be held in Beijing from September 2 to September 7.Beijing Hetu United Innovation Technology Co., Ltd. (abbreviated as “Beijing Hetu”) unveiled Shougang The park venue refreshes the audience’s information acquisition methods in a brand-new digital way, provides immersive digital space business experience and interactive functions, brings a variety of application scenarios, and opens up a seamless integration with the physical world and intelligent evolution of digital new world. The audience opened the river map application on the mobile phone in the Beijing Hetu exhibition area, repair workshop meeting room, and three blast furnaces in Hall 1 of Shougang Park. The camera was aimed at the surrounding physical space. Stitched and superimposed wonderful digital content. The exquisite murals from Dunhuang of the millennium are displayed at the service trade fair in a new three-dimensional digital form through time and space. The digital fireworks and colorful balloons blooming in the sky set off the cheerful exhibition atmosphere, and the lucky koi flying around the exhibition hall is even more impressive. Bring a futuristic brand new “technology + culture” experience. Beijing Hetu provides scenario-based solutions by combining core key technical capabilities in high-precision space computing, artificial intelligence, 5G, smart terminals and other fields with a wide range of application scenarios to build a digital infrastructure and application ecology that integrates virtual and real. Inject vitality into the innovation and development of the digital economy. Based on the holographic digital space extended by the digital twin of the real space, the new business model integrating online and offline will bring a new round of digital development to business districts and cultural tourism scenes, enhance public service capabilities, enhance technological experience, and stimulate digital consumption. Will redefine the technology ecology and business model. At the same time, the disruptive innovation of Hetu technology drives the overall improvement of quality and efficiency of urban intelligent management and services. Beijing Hetu will actively promote the construction of high-precision three-dimensional digital space in the city, advance the industrial ecological layout of digital creative content production and industry application development, and accelerate the development of next-generation smart hardware products. Based on the application of consumer-perceivable holographic Internet technology to smart cities, cultural tourism, commerce, transportation, and other fields, it uses a brand-new way and a digital twin model to display the city’s culture, landscape and information in a multi-dimensional digital manner. Actively explore the use of new technologies, create new scenarios, promote new experiences, and promote new consumption, and help Beijing’s construction of a global digital economy benchmark city and an international consumption center city. .