Rumored that Nintendo Switch Online will join the Game Boy game?

With the current Switch Online subscription plan, you can buy hundreds of red and white consoles and Super Nintendo games.

Last week, there were rumors that Nintendo Switch’s Switch Online subscription plan will soon add classic games of Game Boy and Game Boy Color after red and white machines and Super Nintendo games. According to the podcast of the netizen “Nate the Hate” and the subsequent unofficial community “Nintendo Life” quotes last Tuesday, “Nate the Hate” even stated that Nintendo has reserved 4 blanks in the interface in order to join the Game in the future. Boy game; plus last Friday’s “Eurogamer” claim to confirm from the informant again, adding a little credibility to the rumors.

However, the foreign media “The Verge” believes that the opportunity is not high. It is related to the 30th anniversary of the Game Boy in 2019. The official has no action at this “timing”, which makes people question whether the rumors will be hyped this time. The analysis believes that even if you join the Game Boy game, it will not happen as rumored in the next few weeks. Moreover, when Nintendo accepted the inquiry of “The Verge”, it also pointed out that there was no information sharing.

Will the rumors come true? I prefer to join the Game Boy Advance game!

Source: that nintendo-switch-online will join the game-boy game? -283401

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