It’s no secret that many of us heavily rely on technology to both connect us to the digital world, but also to maximise productivity and efficiency. Social media apps aside, there are countless of smartphone widgets that can help us to simplify both our personal and professional lives, whether they’re running in the background or used daily. Navigate Hong Kong’s notorious hustle and bustle with our favourite Hong Kong apps, perfect for city dwellers. The best Hong Kong apps: TakeTaxi – Hong Kong Taxi Translator A handy app for those unable to speak to lingo, TakeTaxi enables you to type in any address in English where it will then translate it into Cantonese so that you may easily show the taxi driver where you’re trying to go. Available on the App store iAMsmart If there feels like a constant stream of government forms to fill out in recent months – it’s probably because there is! From vaccination records to government subsidies, or simply renewing our vehicle license from the Transport Department ,the iAM Smart Platform conveniently consolidates all of your info into one application. Make form-filling a synch with auto functions like ID authentication, form-filling and digital signing. Available on the App Store Carousel Essentially a trading platform, Carousel encourages users to buy and sell all kinds of pre-owned items. Differentiating from larger, globalised platforms like Depop, Carousel also allows its users to offer goods for sale such as properties, cars and services. Available on the PayMe A part of HSBC, PayMe is a virtual payment platform that permits users with local phone numbers and bank accounts to pay and transfer money to friends, family and businesses, all within the mobile app. The app must be linked to a local bank account or a credit card to be used. Available on the City Mapper Global app City Mapper provides all public transport options between any two locations across the city, displaying all the available timings and routes. For those who are cost-conscious, the app also provides an estimated fee for your travels, enabling you to compare which public transport is best suitable. Available on the Happy Not Perfect Integrated with Apple HealthKit, for those who want to mediate or combat stress, this app is one to have in your arsenal. Features include a daily happiness workout, sleep wind-down, daily affirmations among others. Endorsed by both scientists and experts, Happy Not Perfect is the perfect app to stay balanced, practice mindfulness and be happy. Available on the Genius Scan Tired of having to type and input your paper notes onto a computer? Genius Scan alleviates that worry for you through its ‘scanner’ tool that scans any document or paper and renders it. Rather than taking a photo, the app will deal with all the tedious issues such as lighting, text and the angle of the document. Available on the EWG’s Food Scores The Environmental Working Group (EWG) has released an app that highlights the harmful fungicides and pesticides usually found in non-organic fresh produce of fruits. Such ingredients can cause serious symptoms which can lead to life-threatening illnesses later on. The app rates more than 80,000 foods designed to encourage customers with a healthier and smarter shopping experience. Available on the BeautyFact Newly launched in August, BeautyFact is a beauty checking tool designed for beauty, skincare, hair and nail products. Analysing the ingredients and chemicals of such products, the app reports the toxicity level of cosmetic ingredients along with cleaner, sustainable beauty alternatives for customers. The app also provides content on beauty knowledge and does weekly product reviews. Available on the OpenRice Tired of eating at the same conventional restaurants? OpenRice is Hong Kong’s hugely popular food and restaurant guide, offering you a range of options based on your favourite cuisine, location and budget. It also features reviews and photos of the restaurant, reviewed by Hongkongers themselves, as well as the ability to make a booking at the restaurant. Available on the Co-Star Utilising NASA data and professional astrologers, your horoscope and future has never looked clearer. Features include personality analysis, planet-by-planet compatibility and the map of the sky at your exact time, the scale of insight is hyper-personalised on all aspects of your life. Available on the C25k A running app for beginners and experts alike. Each running plan is carefully designed with audio coaches echoing in the background. The typical programme is eight weeks long, with a commitment of running three times a week that alternates between walking and running. A great way to to build endurance and unwind from a hectic day. Available on the Sleep Cycle Insomniacs and late-night workers should definitely download this app. Not only does it track your sleep, but it reports on the best time to sleep and finds your perfect wake up window, so you wake refreshed minus the grogginess. Available on the Ticketflap Want to know the latest events happening in the city? Ticketflap features the newest and upcoming events in Hong Kong. If you are unable to make an event, the app also enables users to list and sell their tickets or vouchers. Available on the MyObservatory This app is your very own personalised weather report, providing temperature, relative humidity and rainfall based on each user’s specified location. This is beneficial for options such as location-based rain and lighting forecast, as well as rainstorm and typhoon warnings, all of which will effectively help you in planning your day. Available on the GOGOX Founded in Hong Kong in 2013, formerly known as GOGOVAN, GOGOX simplifies the everyday delivery needs and experience of both customers and drivers by providing door-to-door deliveries and courier services. Ranging from instant, same day or four hour delivery, users are able to tailor the delivery period to their own preferences, eliminating all those regular agonies associated with courier services. Available on the My Impact Hong Kong Based NGO, EcoDrive, launched the ‘My Impact’ app , to encourage users to reduce single-use plastic by tracking their consumption usage as well as their efforts to reduce, recycle and reuse. Joining the “community” feature, users can join in on beach cleanups and campaigns, but also is a great platform to help educate on the long-term impact of single-use plastic consumption. Available on the Water for Free All around Hong Kong are several public water fountains and dispensers. Water For Free helps you to locate these by placing all the locations onto one map on the platform. On a mission to increase Hong Kong’s awareness of plastic waste pollution, the app also has functions for users to recommend new water fountain locations. Available on the Jima Caller ID Annoyed with those endless junk calls? Jima Caller ID is an app curated to alleviate cold calls. It blocks spam, only showcasing calls that can be identified and offers a ‘blacklist’, allowing users to include additional numbers to block. Available on the Bravera Unlike Fitbit, this fitness tracker is more interactive by turning exercises such as walks into rewards that you can then redeem with local businesses and international partners. The more points you earn by doing outdoor activities, the more reward coupons you are entitled to! Some reward partners include LifeHub, Cafe 8, Tuck Shop, ZeroYet100, Retykle among others. Available on the HK Movie With 11 different cinemas to choose from, HK Movie expedites users’ experience by displaying showtime schedules of movies, featuring movie trailers and purchasing movie tickets all within one platform. Available on the Featured and hero image courtesy of Redd via Unsplash