[1 Apple receives a second lawsuit from a Chinese company that tries to stop the production of the iPhone in that country.] Apple receives a second lawsuit from a Chinese company that tries to stop the production of the iPhone in that country. A Chinese company has decided to file a lawsuit against Apple for stop production of the next iPhone 13. Apple suffers a new lawsuit The release of the iPhone 13 is very close, the Apple event is officially announced and in this it is expected that the company will show all the news that comes with your new phone. But not everything is good for the companyAs recently it has been reported that the iPhone 13 will have a higher price, something that could cause displeasure among users. What’s more, Apple just received a lawsuit from the Chinese company Xiao-i, which is seeking a court order to completely halt production of the iPhone, including the new iPhone 13 line. They accuse Apple of violating a patent This new demand is the result of a patent battle between Apple and Xiao-i involving technology used for Siri. On the site of the local newspaper, South China Morning Post the following is reported: “A Chinese artificial intelligence company has asked a Shanghai court to halt the production and sale of Apple’s iPhone in the country over a long-standing patent dispute involving the virtual assistant Siri, about a week before the World’s most valuable company to release the latest update to its flagship smartphone. Xiao-i Robot, applied last Friday to the Shanghai Superior People’s Court for a preliminary order to prohibit the manufacture, sale and export of iPhones containing Siri that infringe its patent, according to the statement from the Chinese company that was published on its official account. from WeChat on Tuesday. This lawsuit comes very close to the launch of the iPhone 13 to force Apple to face a critical situation in which he could risk that the government of that region will force him to stop the production of the iPhone or reach an economic agreement with his rival. Apple vs Xiao-i This is not the first time that Xiao-i attacks Apple and appeal a patent theft used in the company assistant for your devices. There is already a previous lawsuit that required Apple to award damages equal to 10 billion yuan ($ 1.43 billion). The cause, violating a patent registered by Xiao-i that includes an artificial intelligence system for a virtual assistant very similar to what is Siri. Xiao-i Robot CEO Yuan Hui said in one of his statements that Apple did not respect their intellectual property. “Apple should immediately stop the infringement, take down and stop selling the related products.” Given this, Apple has decided to stay on the sidelines and start thinking about a legal strategy that allows you to overcome this new demand. Those from Cupertino responded to the newspaper with the following: “We are disappointed that Xiao-i Robot has filed another lawsuit. We look forward to presenting the facts to the court and will continue to focus on providing the best products and services in the world to our customers. “ It has also been mentioned that a former Apple executive who worked closely with Tim Cook said that The CEO hates being bullied or blackmailed and he never wants to give in to these kinds of attacks. This makes it clear that Apple does not intend to reach a financial agreement with Xiao-i. Even if production had to be stopped in that country it would be detrimental, as the company would be inclined to intensify production in other parts of the world and an economic opportunity would be lost. At the moment Apple is still focused on its next event and your invitation may have an important clue about the iPhone 13 or something else. Related topics: iPhone Follow us on [Facebook] ipadizate.blog