Apple?According to mainland media reports, in August last year, “Xiaoi Robot” held by “Zhizhen Intelligent Network Technology Co., Ltd.” filed a lawsuit in Shanghai court, demanding that Apple stop the patent infringement of the voice assistant Siri and compensate 10 billion Yuan Renminbi, “Apple Computer Trading (Shanghai) Co., Ltd.” was finally judged to lose the lawsuit, and it was confirmed that the aforementioned patent rights of “Xiaoi Robot” were valid. “Xiaoi Robot” further filed an application for injunction, and iPhone faces a ban on the sale of iPhone in China. Written by: odin?Image source: Apple’s official website, screenshots on Weibo Apple loses infringement lawsuit and compensates 10 billion In June last year, the Supreme People’s Court of China issued an administrative judgment, formally confirming the validity of the patent rights of the “Xiaoi Robot” and “ZL200410053749.9” held by “Zhizhen Intelligent Network Technology Co., Ltd.” In August, he filed a complaint with the Shanghai Higher People’s Court, demanding that Apple stop the infringement and compensate 10 billion yuan (about 12 billion Hong Kong dollars). “Xiaoi Robot” refers to their invention of the “Chat Robot System (ZL200410053749.9)” which applied for a related patent in 2004 and was authorized in 2009. It also pointed out that they had obtained related patents 7 years before Siri. Apple only added Siri to the iPhone 4s for the first time in 2011. Apple | China bans iPhone sales and compensates 10 billion iPhone 13 may face a ban? According to the source, the latest “Xiaoi Robot” held by “Zhizhen Intelligent Network Technology Co., Ltd.” has filed an injunction application with the Shanghai High People’s Court to ban the sale of iPhone for 10 years, giving iPhone 13 a chance in China. The Shanghai High People’s Court has accepted the application for the ban from “Xiaoi Robot” earlier. The case is under trial. Since Siri has started to support iPhone 4S, if the ban is not limited to the existing iPhone models, it is likely to affect IPhone 13 will be released next week. .