ACD September 10, 2021

ElectricKar K5M-2500 is a low-cost Chinese electric car sold by Alibaba that you can buy for less than 2,000 euros.

The Chinese e-commerce giant Alibaba is one of the ideal places to get any type of product. In fact, it is possible to buy cars of all kinds, even as special as the one we tell you today.

Its name is ElectricKar K5M-2500, a small electric microcar whose intention is to offer an alternative to the electric bicycles and scooters that cross our cities and that has a very reduced price.

Its exterior design is very minimalist with an oval shape in which two access doors and numerous plastics are incorporated. Its external dimensions are very contained, just 2.20 meters long, 1.09 wide and 1.62 meters high.

A very cheap electric microcar

2 photos ElectricKar K5M-2500


With space for two passengers in tandem (one after the other in the Renault Twizy style), it has a standard handlebar (although, optionally, you can mount a steering wheel. Inside there is a small LCD panel in which we will be shown data related to our driving such as the speed at which we circulate, the remaining autonomy of our battery or its charge level.

In terms of performance, its maximum speed is limited to 40 kilometers per hour, for pure safety since, inside, he doesn’t even ride seat belts (something that you will have to add if you want to circulate in Spain with it).

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Its motor has a power of just 800 W and is powered by a 72 V lithium-ion battery with a capacity of 2.7 kWh, which can carry out a full charge in 8 hours through a domestic socket. The manufacturer promises a average autonomy between 52 and 66 kilometers, a figure that can be more than enough for a purely urban commute.

The ElectricKar K5M-2500 is available for purchase through Alibaba’s official website for a unit price of $ 2,100 (about 1,780 euros), although alternatively if 9 or more units are bought, their unit price is reduced to 1,800 dollars (slightly more than 1,500 euros).