The pointer of “Asian Games Time” swiftly passed by in circles, and Hangzhou was cleverly striving and drumming vigorously. Since the Hangzhou Municipal Party Committee and the Municipal Government issued the Asian Games City Action Plan, the Hangzhou Sports Bureau has thoroughly implemented and refined the task breakdown, combined with sports realities, and used national fitness as a starting point to steadily promote various tasks related to the Asian Games City Action. As the countdown to the first anniversary of the Hangzhou Asian Games, in order to meet the people’s yearning for a better life and promote the all-round development of people, 2021 Hangzhou City’s national fitness activities will be held in Shangcheng District, Gongshu District, Xihu District, Binjiang District, and Xiaoshan District. , Yuhang District, Linping District, Qiantang District, Fuyang District, Lin’an District, Tonglu County, Chun’an County, Jiande City, a total of 13 districts and counties (cities) were launched. At 7 o’clock in the evening on September 12, the main venue ceremony was held at the West Lake Cultural Square in Gongshu District, Hangzhou. >” data-bd-imgshare-binded=”1? oldsrc=”W020210913580353429500.jpg”/> >” data-bd-imgshare-binded=”1? oldsrc=”W020210913580354929413.jpg”/> Tests are interlocking, fun and competition coexist The national fitness activities of all districts and counties (cities) of Hangzhou are carried out in a fun and big challenge mode. Complete the Asian Games knowledge quiz, skipping rope, pitching, opening and closing jumping, push-ups, sit-ups, dumbbell flying, high leg lifts, duck steps, etc. Tasks, competition and fun are effectively combined to test the sensitivity, reaction, physical endurance, balance, flexibility and other comprehensive qualities of the contestants, so that the whole body can be fully exercised in an all-round way and improve physical health. The Asian Games atmosphere in each competition area ignited the enthusiasm of the Asian Games In addition to the National Fun Challenge, various districts and counties (cities) of Hangzhou have also incorporated exciting sports activities. The bright spots continue to boost the city’s large-scale linkage activities to a new climax. The Linping competition area has football baby, karate performances, and the singing and dancing performances of the promotion song of the movie “Chinese Women’s Volleyball” made a stunning appearance. The wonderful sports performances made the audience excited. Anhua kindergarten teachers in the Gongshu Division and hundreds of fitness enthusiasts in the Binjiang Division vividly performed the fitness line dance “Waiting for You”, the promotion program of the 19th Asian Games. They used dance to tell the story of the Asian Games and enhance the sense of gain and happiness for the masses. , So that the Asian Games truly become “a grand event for the whole people.” The rhythmic gymnastics performances brought by the rhythmic gymnastics team of Hangzhou Youth Activity Center in Gongshu competition area are both soft and tension, strength and elegance, and further create a strong atmosphere for the people to welcome the Asian Games. >” data-bd-imgshare-binded=”1? oldsrc=”W020210913580355337612.jpg”/> Promote the scientific fitness of the whole people and promote the health of the whole people The main venue activities are divided into three parts: award ceremony, kick-off ceremony and fat burning carnival night. The organizing committee counts the number of athletes participating in each competition area on the day, and awards outstanding contribution awards as well as special, first, and second prizes in the award ceremony. What followed was the launching ceremony of the Second Night Fitness Festival, the National Scientific Fitness Action, and the National Asian Games Health Promotion Action, which symbolized that the construction of a healthy Hangzhou will be fully promoted in the future, and we will go all out to create a “healthy Zhejiang new benchmark” and a “healthy China demonstration zone”. “. During the fat-burning carnival night, a number of fitness instructors jointly led, hundreds of people burned fat, and the concert-like sound, light and sound effects enabled the participants to start an immersive exercise experience, igniting an offline fitness storm, and feel the after-exercise in this night Sweat! >” data-bd-imgshare-binded=”1? oldsrc=”W020210913580355575356.jpg”/> From a new starting point, to accelerate the construction of a sports power, to continuously develop sports, and to continuously improve the people’s health, we will surely be able to inject a steady stream of vitality and impetus into the realization of our great dreams. Fitness for all, participation by all. 2021 Hangzhou City’s National Fitness Program calls on more people to participate in fitness exercises, form a scientific, civilized, and healthy lifestyle, help build a new pattern of healthy Hangzhou, ensure the health of the whole people, promote common prosperity, and make the whole society full of vitality , Upward and good to build a healthy and harmonious society. .