Jakarta, CNN Indonesia — Ambassador China Qin Gang, who was recently appointed to United States of America , reportedly scolded one of the U.S. officials in an online zoom meeting. Qin Gang slammed the U.S. official for keeping quiet if their dispute could not be resolved diplomatically. “If we can’t resolve our differences, please keep your mouth shut,” Qin said during a private Zoom meeting organized by the National Committee on United States-China Relations, a New York-based non-profit organization, late last month. Before advising US officials to keep their mouth shut, Qin reportedly asked the US to stop deliberately exacerbating tensions between the two countries Sputnik . The National Review said that they were shocked by the Chinese Ambassador’s actions. “China’s extreme policies of the previous US administration have caused serious damage to our relations, and such a situation has not changed. It will even continue,” Qin lamented. Although the current US President, Joe Biden, hopes that US policy towards China will change post-Trump. However, he has not publicly sought to change relations between the US and Beijing. Administrator Biden also had allegations against China related to human rights violations and genocide in Xinjiang province. China denied the allegations and told the US not to interfere in the internal affairs of others. The Chinese and US sides have not publicly commented on Qin’s alleged remarks at the event. Meanwhile, relations between China and the US are getting worse as a result of US support for Taiwan. China itself considers Taiwan to be part of China, and therefore US support was interpreted as support for the “separatist movement.” China also continues to send its military fleet to the Taiwan Strait. Biden and Chinese President Xi Jinping also briefly discussed the conflict between the two countries. However, US officials said no concrete decisions were agreed in Biden and Xi’s communications, including a planned summit between the two presidents. Biden also once ignited China’s emotions when he promised that the US would come to Taiwan’s defense if it was attacked by “bad guys.” These comments angered China and warned the US to prepare for a much bigger ‘storm’ in the Taiwan Strait, if not step down from the presidency. Earlier, the Taiwanese Air Force reported that at least 19 Chinese fighter jets, including nuclear bombers, entered their air defense zone (ADIS) area on Sunday (5/9). (pwn / bac) .